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Episode #191: Bad BART, Goldrener’s safe

Plenty of bad news for Jews this week (not surprising), but the bullseye is on BART for taking advertising bucks from a Holocaust denial group (seven years after letting “culture jammers” intimidate it into removing “hateful” pro-Israel ads)  and on Rosen, who needs some time to work through his feelings when an author he knows refers to “U.S. concentration camps.” In brighter news, Mitchell Schwarz is still bulldozing opposing defensive linemen and Toronto Maple Leaf Zach Hyman has written a (third) children’s book. 

On a more personal note, this week we ask:

“Is teaming up to carry a 400 lb. safe good for the Jews?”

Don’t miss the show opening, in which Goldbrener recounts the sordid tale that led to a pre-recording event featuring our boys dragging said 400 lb. safe down his driveway.

No political ads on BART?

We’ll make an exception.