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Episode #170: Pro- v. Anti-biotics, Chess

Goldbrener explains the difference between anti- and pro-biotics, shedding light on Rosen’s recent illness, then the boys settle into a series of diatribes aimed at their favorite targets: politics and San Francisco. Meanwhile, a recent survey shows that 41 percent of Bay Area Jews aren’t “really” Jews; however, Yeshiva U. is going to the big dance and Amar’e Stoudamire has a new Kosher wine but…

…is chess good for the Jews?

At the risk of firing off takes so hot they singe what’s left of the hair on your head, the answer is “no.” Rosen challenges Goldbrener to convince him otherwise, but all he can do is recall the madness of Bobby Fischer and feign a slight interest in speed chess played by homeless guys in the park.