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Episode #141: “Wonder Woman, Swiss Cops, Corbyn.”

After a month-long hiatus, the Twilight Lounge is once again open for business. Episode #141 finds the boys ruminating on Rosen’s run-ins with angry Swiss policemen and The Most Interesting Overweight Man in France, then pivoting onto more serious topics like Jeremy Corbyn and the world’s exhaustion with the Jewish experience. Finally, after touching on the “new” read of the Six Day War, they move into the main event, asking:

 Is Wonder Woman good for the Jews?

There is no way the likes of Linda Sarsour and the BDS crowd can dim the shining allure of Gal Gadot, IDF veteran, Miss Israel 2007 and a true sensation as DC Comics’ newest star. No matter how many boycotts and thought pieces asking whether she’s a “true feminist,” the only thing that makes the boys question their Gadot enthusiasm is  the looming specter of the “real” Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter.


No caption needed.