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Episode #202: Howie, not-so-real men

Rosen and Goldbrener return to the Twilight Lounge this week, address a quick question regarding Italian-Jewish relations, then dive into a longer rumination on the former’s shortcomings in the area of the Manly Arts and the latter’s proclivity for workplace naps. Meanwhile in the world of Jews, students are harassing teachers, Sam has a new thing, Israel claims a cure for cancer and Goldbrener isn’t sure he likes it when Jews name their son “Cletus.” And:

Is Howard Schultz’ presidential bid good for the Jews?

Rosen can’t understand why the Starbuck’s honcho, once considered somewhat benevolent by corporate CEO standards, immediately became the target of progressive bile when he declared an intention to run for POTUS. Is it because his candidacy makes Trump2020 more likely? Is it because he sold the Sonics? Is it because he’s a billionaire who isn’t Oprah? Or is it something else…?


When they deliver your very macho wine cooler, make sure they don’t leave the box.