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Episode #134: “Purim, Israeli baseball, socialists.”

We begin tonight with a series of rants followed by a lesson in urban civics before delving into the deeper meanings of Purim and the Purim events — some including beatboxing! — scheduled for this year, followed by ever-increasing bomb threats: what do they actually mean? and some unabashedly positive flag-waving for the Israeli baseball team’s WBC success.

Finally, lets ask this:

Are Jewish socialists good for the Jews?

Socialism and Judaism, some say, go together like peanut butter and jelly; but is a room full of white-haired Red Diaper Babies in a non-Socialist country a plus or a minus for a culture that comes by its outsider status honestly? What does the Libertarian Goldbrener think of this? Listen in to find out.


“Where does it end? With people throwing feces at it?