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Episode #156: Fire! and fire Harvey Weinstein!

The air is thick everywhere but in the Twilight Lounge as the boys convene to discuss the important topics of the day — sidewalk chalk guy, stealing engines from VW vans, San Francisco’s House of Prime Rib, Larry David, Goldbrener’s origin story, the weekly Omri Casspi status check and, of course, fires in Northern California.

Can we ignore the elephant in the room? Or rather, the elephant-sized pariah in the room? No. And so we ask:

How bad is Harvey Weinstein for the Jews?

Goldbrener’s point: do bad acts erase prior good acts? Rosen’s point: Weinstein is a distasteful guy who’s been dogged by rumors for decades; how did this go on for this long without anyone saying anything? Is there a level of hypocrisy here, and is this all about Harvey Weinstein? Should we boycott “Good Will Hunting?” What’s the difference between Disney and the porn industry? Why does Rosen drag Kris Kristofferson into this? One thing we can all agree on: Harvey Weinstein is a shanda for the goyim.