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Episode #182: Jewish panic loop, screwy Louie

You want bellyaching? This week, Rosen is literally bellyaching, thanks to a mysterious stomach ailment. Fortunately, he’s well enough to share his renewed love for the Steve Miller Band and to keep you up-to-date on the latest Screwy Louie shenanigans, which inspire a long discussion about intersectionality and the dangers of aligning oneself with a Jew-hating demagogue. Meanwhile, Jews continue to chase their own tails, leading Rosen to question:

Is Jewish fretting over the future of Judaism good for the Jews?

“How long have you been Jewish?” asks a perplexed Goldbrener in response, before laying out all the reasons Jews can’t stop wondering about the future of Jews, how to be Jewish, and why Michael Chabon looks like a rabbi but doesn’t seem crazy about being a Jew.

No joke(r).