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Episode #70: “You can get famous; doesn’t make you rich.”

Tom Petty takes us out of this episode, which discusses the fates of 100,000 Syrian refugees, a scenario that has Rosen wringing his hands in moral confusion. Are 100,000 Syrian refugees good for the Jews? Are the Jews good for those refugees?

Before they decide, the boys want to discuss less weighty issues like how to defeat Orwellian speed trap cameras (hint: wear a gorilla suit), the myriad ways San Francisco has been destroyed in recent movies, why both Jews on this podcast share a least favorite airline, what it would take for The Rock to steal either Rosen’s or Goldbrener’s wife (hint: he’d just have to show up and seem like a good dad), why Rosen will never be an “I’m the guy loudly rooting for the other team” guy and, weirdly,

How Eric made David Bowie’s ex-wife angry.


We are tempting fate just by posting this photo.