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Episode #180: Rosen goes solo!

Only got half the time and only need half the hosts this week? We have just what you need. Faced with the prospect of a missed episode thanks to Goldbrener’s prior commitments, Rosen steps up and gives you a half-hour of solo (Is it) Good for the Jews? performance, skipping all the small talk and telling a single story, namely:

Is boycotting the Green Street Market good for the Jews?

Why would we boycott the Green Street Market? Is it because the guy who works there is spindly, tattooed, grouchy, unhinged and has a long history of shouting racist stuff at his customers? Perhaps! Tune into this unprecedented mini-episode to learn more!

Enter at your own risk.


Episode #179: Jewish news bonanza!

Welcome to the Twilight Lounge, an intact basement gathering space free of puddles, suds and floors made of mud and dirt. Here you will find Rosen and Goldbrener, together again to discuss matters crucial to Jewish life: is it possible to vote for Mayor in San Francisco without being exposed as a bigot? How can we solve homelessness? Why don’t the English like Jews? Is it because they are the wealthiest people in Australia? How can we stop Patrick Little? Who really runs the international banking conspiracy (TM)? And finally…

Was Philip Roth good for the Jews?

This seemingly innocuous question triggers a rumination on the nature of the Jewish people and our refusal (inability?) to hide our struggles, disagreements and warts from the rest of the world. The boys emerge proud of their people, if perhaps (in at least one case) begrudgingly.

Basement wreckage.


Episode #140: “Neil Diamond, Rosen rants.”

A week away finds the boys brimming with energy, which Rosen unfortunately uses as fuel for his latest San Francisco rant, which eventually veers into crackpot territory. Fortunately, Goldbrener has his back, creating a safe space that allows Rosen to present his next conundrum: well-meaning but anti-semitic landlords. Next up: an attempt to pump up Lag B’Omer, a long inevitable study of DJT’s latest, Goldbrener’s love of foot massages and then:

 Is Neil Diamond good for the Jews?

To Goldbrener, this is an open-and-shut case; of course the Solitary Man is good for the Jews! But hold on; Rosen is not so sure. The timing of “The Jazz Singer” led to blonde girls singing “Kol Nidre” at his high school and he recalls an adolescence when Diamond’s Jewfro and bedazzled shirts made life difficult for low-key Jews. There’s no arguing Neil’s songwriting chops, but why couldn’t he be cool like Lou Reed?


No caption needed.