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Episode #54: “Giant TVs. Unbelievable nachos.”

Goldbrener shows up looking “talibanesque,” according to his wife, which sends Rosen into a flight of fancy about how he wishes he missed barbershops but in fact found them to be sources of anxiety. Continuing their hirsute theme, the boys then segue into a study of the cruel ironies of aging, personified by “an inch-long hair growing out of the middle of your nose,” then continue onto a meditation on rites of passage by asking the question:

“Is the senior prom good for the Jews?”

The answer may not surprise you, but the ease at which Eric transitions into talking about the IDF might.


Some people, like Eric, inexplicably made it through the 80s hating this band..

Episode #51: “When will we re-take Cleveland?”

The boys sit at the feet of…

Filmmaker and Urbanism Master Ron Blatman

For what may be their wonkiest episode ever, peppering the four-time regional Emmy winner (for his 2011 documentary “Saving the Bay”) with questions about his newest venture, a 13-part documentary called “Saving the City.”

Among the citified topics discussed are why San Francisco can’t be more like Vancouver, how uniform subway fares prevent homogeneity, if “modern” cities like Atlanta and Dallas are real cities, why you should wait before booking tickets on California’s high-speed rail and if urban living was/is/will be good for the Jews, because Jews are certainly good for the cities.


This is the last synagogue in Cleveland. No Joke.