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Episode #148: Dreidels, Jewish pirates, Monsanto.

All is lightness and levity in the Twilight Lounge tonight as the boys skirt the day’s heavy issues in favor of tales of Rosen’s insane dog, Goldbrener’s run-in with a territorial paramilitary picnicker, the meaning of Tisha B’ av and what can happen when a bunch of Boy Scouts, armed with dreidels, band together to set a world record.

Do things turn serious when the Jews address this week’s question?

Are Jewish pirates good for the Jews?

Not really. The levity continues even as consensus proves elusive. Goldbrener is convinced that the Jewish people need all of the outlaws they can get, while Rosen worries about the victims of these semitic marauders. Also discussed: how the Disney Company ruined the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and how only teenage Disneyland locals know the secret purpose of the now-defunct Adventures Through Inner Space, a.k.a. Monsanto.


Regulation dreidels, ready to spin.