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Episode #179: Jewish news bonanza!

Welcome to the Twilight Lounge, an intact basement gathering space free of puddles, suds and floors made of mud and dirt. Here you will find Rosen and Goldbrener, together again to discuss matters crucial to Jewish life: is it possible to vote for Mayor in San Francisco without being exposed as a bigot? How can we solve homelessness? Why don’t the English like Jews? Is it because they are the wealthiest people in Australia? How can we stop Patrick Little? Who really runs the international banking conspiracy (TM)? And finally…

Was Philip Roth good for the Jews?

This seemingly innocuous question triggers a rumination on the nature of the Jewish people and our refusal (inability?) to hide our struggles, disagreements and warts from the rest of the world. The boys emerge proud of their people, if perhaps (in at least one case) begrudgingly.

Basement wreckage.