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Episode #159: Historic buildings, pedestrian danger.

Cool weather and hot topics are the rule in the Twilight Lounge this week, as Goldbrener challenges the efficacy of “wanting to see (a rude Uber driver) realize he’d done wrong rather than wanting him to fear for his life” and Rosen asks how hard it is to find a white supremacist in San Francisco. Meanwhile, the Hebrew Hammer has returned, Omri Casspi is crashing Jewish weddings, there’s a kibbutz reality show on the BBC and Nigel Farage is reminding us that the ZOG still controls the U.S.

Moving onto what appears to be a light, controversy-resistent topic, Rosen asks:

Is razing an old synagogue good for the Jews?

…and is proven wrong. Much discord is wrung out of this seemingly-benign question, with Rosen coming down hard on the side of historic and community preservation and Goldbrener chalking that all up as rote sentimentality. In the end, however, the boys somehow arrive at the same conclusion.

The Hebrew Hammer is back.

Episode #158: Bolsheviks and bathrooms.

Overwhelming heat has the boys looking to the Twilight Lounge for refuge, leading to a lighthearted (but not perhaps for the fainthearted) discussion about bathroom mishaps (!), followed by an exploration of how Rosen feels at his most Jewish around motorcycles and hot rods. More hi jinx follow before the boys take a sharp left, turn into amateur(ish) historians and ask:

Was the Russian Revolution good for the Jews?

At their peak, Jews made up 5% of the Bolshevik party and yet were blamed (?) for its rise, perhaps accelerating the progress of the Nazis in Germany and inspiring the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And yet, Communism may have benefited Russian Jews… for awhile. What we know: by the time they got to the Brandeis School in San Francisco, they’d all become capitalists.

Rosen’s worst nightmare.