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Episode #205: Bibi in trouble; electric cars

Rosen makes the argument that electric cars might force us to slow down — which might be a good thing. Goldbrener bats it back in his face, but his co-host rebounds to sing the ambivalent joys of gluten-free dining and over-react to a recent shooting(!) in Goldbrener’s neighborhood. Meanwhile, good news: Israel is going to the moon, Israelis are winning Oscars and Kimel’s son is playing for the state championship! And then:

Are Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest machinations good for the Jews?

Word on the street is that Bibi is working with a pair of nasty far-right racist groups to solidify his power base. But is this true? Does a barrage of negative press make it so? Goldbrener breaks it all down (along quick history lessons about Meir Kahane and the Jewish diaspora from Middle Eastern countries) and lets you draw your own conclusions.

Rosen’s future car?


Episode #169: Bibi indicted, Route 66 disappointment

Back from another trip to Arizona, Rosen brings tales of frightening downtowns, methamphetamine-using cowboys, friendly used car salesmen and $45,000 homes to the Twilight Lounge before settling down to discuss bronze medal-winning Jews and Omri Casspi’s double-double. The real question on the table, however, is:

Is indicting Bibi good for the Jews?

The Israeli PM is under fire (again). What happens if he is convicted? How much tolerance do Israelis have for corruption (according to Goldbrener, quote a bit)? How dire is the threat from the north? Join us as the boys once again connect the dots.

19 pts, 10 boards.


Episode #52: “It’s not so different when you go to Mexico.”

Infused with new enthusiasm about the central question of their podcast, Rosen and Goldbrener return to the air to discuss important issues like Goldbrener’s garage sale and how two doll strollers came to take up residence in the Twilight Lounge, which eventually leads to an examination of Rosen’s aversion to haggling and a spirited debate about whether Eric feels there’s life outside of San Francisco, plus shout-outs for new Jewish Federation CEO Danny Grossman and singer-songwriter Ruth Gerson. Having exhausted these topics, they finally get down to business and ask themselves if Arab-Israeli politician Aymen Odeh and The Joint List is, in fact, good for the Jews.

You never know what you’ll find in the Twilight Lounge.