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Episode #52: “It’s not so different when you go to Mexico.”

Infused with new enthusiasm about the central question of their podcast, Rosen and Goldbrener return to the air to discuss important issues like Goldbrener’s garage sale and how two doll strollers came to take up residence in the Twilight Lounge, which eventually leads to an examination of Rosen’s aversion to haggling and a spirited debate about whether Eric feels there’s life outside of San Francisco, plus shout-outs for new Jewish Federation CEO Danny Grossman and singer-songwriter Ruth Gerson. Having exhausted these topics, they finally get down to business and ask themselves if Arab-Israeli politician Aymen Odeh and The Joint List is, in fact, good for the Jews.

You never know what you’ll find in the Twilight Lounge.


Episode #48: “Ronn Owens looks great!”

The boys score big for this episode, nabbing KGO radio personality and…

Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame member Ronn Owens

For a session designed to help Rosen work through his existential crisis regarding Barack Obama. Along the way, they also discuss unlikely occupations for Jews, how Libertarians are like the ACLU, famous Jews in San Francisco, Ron’s musical daughter Laura (whose country-tinged track, “Once,” closes the episode) and why Rosen cares about Israel.

Also, Goldbrener briefly introduces a plastic bag logical fallacy.

Ronn knows POTUS.


Episode #44: “Send someone important. Just for kicks.”

Our man at AIPAC, Sam Lauter is summoned to the Twilight Lounge

To talk Rosen down off the ledge after a rant so completely off the rails that it doomed the original Episode #44 to oblivion. Fresh from a trip to Washington (and a meeting with Nancy Pelosi), Sam breaks down recent events that have caused tension among the U.S., Israel, Iran, Democrats, Republicans and basically everyone with access to social media, while simultaneously offering a compassionate shoulder to cry on for 49ers fans worldwide.

The Twlilight Lounge is barely large enough to contain the lanky frame of our tallest-ever guest.