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Episode #55: “You might as well eat the wafer.”

A busy, emotionally taxing weekend leaves Rosen off-kilter, so much so that he actually screws up Goldbrener’s name before revealing he’s arrived at the Twilight Lounge without any notes for the day’s show. Fortunately, the boys rise to the occasion, launching into a spirited discussion that touches on high school graduation, correct behavior during Catholic mass, what the word “tolerance” really means, evangelical Christians’ evolving attitudes toward Jews and whether Jewish American Heritage Month is good for the Jews.

In Rosen’s addled mind, this man is related to his podcast partner.

Oscar Goldman

Episode #36: “You sound great! You look terrific!”

Is polite indifference good for the Jews?

Is it good for anyone? Eric earns big egghead points by referencing Ze’ev Jabotinsky in this far-reaching (and chronologically out of order) discussion that touches on irreparable conflict, fundamentalist Mormons, having Rosen’s mom on the podcast, whether or not the world was more full of hate in 2014 than ever before and the therapeutic qualities of parasailing.

Passover Lane

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