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Episode #183: Odds, ends and aggressive homeless guys

This week, the boys spend almost the entire hour discussing various local, national and global topics, never really getting around to asking if something (is) Good for the Jews. No matter,  for this week listeners will learn how to discern between a dangerously crazy person and a “normal” San Franciscan (hint: one of them is naked; they will learn about Goldbrener’s consistent values system, a new Jewish rapper and the Jewish catcher who spied for the U.S. during World War II. They will glean which country Jews should back in the World Cup, despite Rosen’s distaste over the entire exercise and which country’s young Jews are pushing back against University anti-semitism (hint: it’s not the U.S.).

What? You still want a question? Fine. Here:

Is inviting singles to Israel all at once good for the Jews?

There you go. Enjoy.

This is a Jewish rapper.