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Episode #227: Jewish marketing, Sam Rosenbaum

There’s a party upstairs, but we’re not invited. Instead, join a bruised and weary Rosen and a jaunty Goldbrener for tales of elderly (yet still annoying) dogs and their incompetent owners and European soccer teams who lean into their opponents’ anti-Semitism.

The good news is that the boys continue on in a light vein, featuring the unfettered joy that is Sam Rosenbaum and the ease of observant white-collar Jews in a minimum-security federal prison, until a certain snack food prompts the following question:

Is cliched Jewish humor tropes as marketing good for the Jews?

When you call a cartoon drawing of a cliche-spewing “bubbe” your muse and pepper your web site with equally tired Jewish humor tropes, are you actually trying to sell your product to Jews?  Or are certain Gentiles, those “semi-semites” who make us feel great in the face of an increasingly hostile world, the key to this enterprise?

But please, don’t call it “crackers.”

Would you buy this product?

Episode #137: “Gluten-free matzo-style squares.”

Passover and taxes are on our minds this week following an unscheduled break to soothe our IRS- and pesach-generated woes. Whether it’s hidden fees and the, “Surprise! You pay now!” essence of quarterly estimates or the challenges of Goldbrener’s seder responsibilities/Rosen’s inability to get invited to dinner that has us down, one thing we can agree on is the ghettoized Jewish Food section of Safeway makes us cringe.

Goldbrener has a plan to make big bucks for Manischewitz and a mid-day or late-night matzo is a thing of beauty, which isn’t enough of a distraction to prevent us from noticing some sketchy goings-on at college campuses and to ask the question:

Is suing white supremicists good for the Jews?

The antics in Whitefish, Montana never seem to end. Now, Realtor Tanya Gersh has decided to sue alt-right gremlin Andrew Anglin for using his Daily Stormer web site to launch a “troll war” against her family. Is this how Jews should fight back?

And finally, R.I.P. J. Geils. Long live the “Jewish Kinks.”


What; you thought we were kidding?