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Episode #131: “Kippah restrictions; spiralizer.”

Knit caps are the rule in the Twilight Lounge, and Rosen’s new spiralizer isn’t the pasta replacement he’d hoped for, but the frittata is his crowning achievement. In other news, the boys are unclear on Canadian border restrictions and Julian Edelman has made us all proud, Kimmel can’t bluff and Goldbrener has never heard of Kat Dennings, Pornhub’s 5th-hottest Jewish female celebrity.

But the real news is in France, where some are wondering:

Would a restriction on wearing kippot  be good for the Jews?

The boys agree that this can in no way be true, so they veer off from there to discuss religious sacred cows, the status of Jews in France, assimilation, whether or not San Francisco is a “bubble” or a place of great diversity of thought, the efficacy of antagonizing Muslims for no good reason, amateur rabble-rousers and low-hanging fruit. And finally, Goldbrener offers a solution to France’s (and the world’s) ills.


Impressive, but it’s not pasta.