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Episode #136: “Progressive Passover, Zionism v. Feminism”

Another week-long break has the boys fired up and ready to lay down strong opinions on the state of America, our loss of optimism and the glories of traveling solo, before segueing into a saddened (Rosen) and wise (Goldbrener) exploration of Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour’s confounding hypocrisy. Finally, after celebrating a new Jew, they arrive at this week’s question:

Is an “evolved” Passover good for the Jews?

Today’s Jews no longer must endure boring Hagaddahs and “limited” Passover plate symbolism, but is that a good thing? While Goldbrener argues that Judaism is structurally wedded to evolution, growth and change, Rosen calls for, in the words of legendary Jew/shtetl milkman Tevye, “tradition!”

Also, Roman Polanski is a bad man.


“No pineapple on the Seder plate!”