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Episode #74: “We’re an olive-skinned people!”

A short discussion about Eric’s choice of yoga wear and an explanation of spin class is followed by yet another San Francisco-centric rant by Rosen, this one centered on poor behavior by hippies in the Safeway express lane (15 items or less). Sticking with his food focus, Rosen then introduces this week’s topic, inspired by a Natanya restaurant-owner’s small attempt at achieving peace in the Middle East:

Is hummus good for the Jews?

It’s not as simple as you might think. To some, hummus is “another form of (Jewish) imperialism.” Lebanon went so far as to produce 10,450 kilos of the stuff in one sitting. But how can hummus be bad? If you’re Goldrener and Rosen, it’s simple: it can’t.


This much goodness cannot be bad for the Jews.