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Episode #129: “Jewish Americana music.”

World got you down? Step into the Twilight Lounge, where the boys are going to great lengths this week to avoid political and/or soul-crushing topics. Body- and morale-crushing topics, including Rosen’s unfortunate failings with his personal trainer, however, are wide open. So are disturbing stories about Goldbrener working at Round Table Pizza and Rosen avoiding hepatitis.

Less disturbing is the realization that Anson “Potsie” Williams is not only Jewish but also the second cousin of Henry Heimlich, and that big leaguers are exporting baseball to Israel. These are mere appetizers, of course, to the pressing question of the day, namely:

Is “Jewish Americana” music good for the Jews?

While you might think that, for country music fan Rosen, “Jewish Americana” music would be just what the rabbi ordered, he’s not so sure. Jewish artists performing Americana? sure; Americana music with Jewish-based lyrics? Not so much.

Also: are Jews eligible to sing the blues? Was Matisyahu all a pose? Listen in to find out.


Jewish music: at the crossroads?