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Episode #166: “Abbas’ true colors, Jerusalem Syndrome

Step into an odor-free Twilight Lounge, where the boys are busy ranting about hidden public transit fare hikes, San Francisco’s Vehicle Eradication Project (TM) and the nefarious role of technology in removing meaning and purpose from the human condition. Having gotten their sea legs, Rosen and Goldbrener then offer up a TV recommendation, an Omri Casspi update and a study the messianic delusions of a 29-year-old English cyclist.

Meanwhile, in Cairo, world leaders are asking:

Is Mahmoud Abbas’ rant good for the Jews?

Rosen wonders why Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has shed any pretenses of himself as a “peace partner.” Goldbrener answers “the emperor has no clothes” and takes it from there.

Battery level: low.