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Episode #133: “Holocaust tourism; 100 bomb threats.”

Goldbrener’s in his “relaxing threads” (not to be confused with his “Mexican Lounging Suit” and Rosen’s wearing new shoes, putting the boys in a relaxed mood; all the better to tackle the big issues of the day: DJT’s first address to a (barely listening) congress, Warren Beatty and the Oscars snafu, IKEA catalog problems and — more pointedly — how 100 bomb threats should impact American Jews. Eventually, they turn to this week’s question:

Is “Holocaust tourism” good for the Jews?

Is it unreasonable to expect that visitors understand that Auschwitz is not “just another tourist spot?” Can tourists with no skin in the game be expected to understand exactly what’s going on here? Is it possible to get something lasting out of a concentration camp visit and take a selfie while you’re there?


New shoes. Not Doc Martens.

Episode #128: “Kushner in the WH, JCCs in peril.”

It’s a stormy and stormy night and Rosen is thankful to have arrived at the Twilight Lounge unscathed, which in no way distracts Goldbrener from his latest Facebook confrontations and a general feeling that debate, as we once knew it, is dead. Meanwhile, the Rosen family is fielding complements from random strangers, Mike Chabon is a major award winner and 28 JCCs are receiving bomb threats in a single day. Don’t let that distract you from the question of the day, however, namely:

Is Jared Kushner in the White House good for the Jews?

How naive is Rosen? Extremely naive, it turns out. After the boys discuss the impact of prior White House-connected Jews, Goldbrener explains why “the kid” has no chance to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, inevitably steering the conversation into familiar Middle East territory before swerving back to take a long look at this young, lightning rod of a Jew.


Yes, it is still raining.