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Episode #128: “Kushner in the WH, JCCs in peril.”

It’s a stormy and stormy night and Rosen is thankful to have arrived at the Twilight Lounge unscathed, which in no way distracts Goldbrener from his latest Facebook confrontations and a general feeling that debate, as we once knew it, is dead. Meanwhile, the Rosen family is fielding complements from random strangers, Mike Chabon is a major award winner and 28 JCCs are receiving bomb threats in a single day. Don’t let that distract you from the question of the day, however, namely:

Is Jared Kushner in the White House good for the Jews?

How naive is Rosen? Extremely naive, it turns out. After the boys discuss the impact of prior White House-connected Jews, Goldbrener explains why “the kid” has no chance to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, inevitably steering the conversation into familiar Middle East territory before swerving back to take a long look at this young, lightning rod of a Jew.


Yes, it is still raining.