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Episode #125: “UN Resolutions, decent people.”

Goldbrener brings a surprising (to some) take on United Nations resolution 2334 whose depth is such that Rosen completely forgets to frame the discussion in a “(Is it) good for the Jews?” manner. 40 minutes later, Rosen is ready to vote for his podcast partner as P.M. of Israel, a state he always filters through what he feels is a constant state of threat.

Meanwhile, Rosen continues to grapple with his mother’s passing. This time it manifests itself in an all-out social media war (known only to him) with a Facebook acquaintance whose “brand is all-caps rage.” Bringing some rage of his own, your mourning podcast host (and apparent member of the “grief police”) asks some pertinent questions: how can someone draw an equivalency between grieving for a celebrity and a family member? What happens when rage becomes more important than decency? Is social media worth it?

We promise a return to discussions of raccoons, chewing gum and Clamato tomorrow, but for now, we stay serious.



This podcast recorded

while wearing safety glasses.

Episode #95: “Bagels and BDS.”

Things get fiery in the Twilight Lounge this week when Rosen lobs what he thinks is a softball at Goldbrener only to receive in response the debate equivalent of a blistering line drive through the box. Chastened and caught unprepared by Godbrener’s increasingly nuanced view of the Middle East, Rosen retreats into more comfortable terrain, asking:

are bagels good for the Jews?

It seems like a slam dunk, but should an item brimming with carbohydrates and not much else really be the trademark food of a people? Also discussed: the shelf life of being hip and current, the proper jeans for middle age, the origins and character of “Jewish food” and kosher Thin Mints.


Delicious! And now: kosher.

Episode #77: “Talking ISIS with Mr. San Francisco”

Tonight the boys are joined by all-around stellar guy Steve Ganz to break down the tragic and maddening goings-on in France. After establishing Ganz’ bonafides (prominent member of the San Francisco Jewish community, lifelong Goldbrener friend), they quickly dive into the matter at hand, pausing first to remind us that:

Nothing about ISIS is good for the Jews, or anyone.

Listen as Goldbrener lays out his take on world affairs, morality and the scapegoating of Israel, Ganz brings to a table a nuanced view of Sunni-Shiite conflicts and Rosen reveals how little he knows about everything that is not sports and/or pop culture.

Also: Fishbone.


It’s foreign policy night in the Twilight Lounge.