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Episode #95: “Bagels and BDS.”

Things get fiery in the Twilight Lounge this week when Rosen lobs what he thinks is a softball at Goldbrener only to receive in response the debate equivalent of a blistering line drive through the box. Chastened and caught unprepared by Godbrener’s increasingly nuanced view of the Middle East, Rosen retreats into more comfortable terrain, asking:

are bagels good for the Jews?

It seems like a slam dunk, but should an item brimming with carbohydrates and not much else really be the trademark food of a people? Also discussed: the shelf life of being hip and current, the proper jeans for middle age, the origins and character of “Jewish food” and kosher Thin Mints.


Delicious! And now: kosher.

Episode #77: “Talking ISIS with Mr. San Francisco”

Tonight the boys are joined by all-around stellar guy Steve Ganz to break down the tragic and maddening goings-on in France. After establishing Ganz’ bonafides (prominent member of the San Francisco Jewish community, lifelong Goldbrener friend), they quickly dive into the matter at hand, pausing first to remind us that:

Nothing about ISIS is good for the Jews, or anyone.

Listen as Goldbrener lays out his take on world affairs, morality and the scapegoating of Israel, Ganz brings to a table a nuanced view of Sunni-Shiite conflicts and Rosen reveals how little he knows about everything that is not sports and/or pop culture.

Also: Fishbone.


It’s foreign policy night in the Twilight Lounge.

Episode #75: Suing Facebook, Embracing conflict

Technical difficulties swallow the first five minutes of this week’s show, so we drop in on the boys sans opening, ready to dive into the latest news after only a short period of off-topic kibbitzing. This means a serious dive into the case of 20,000 Israelis filing suit against Facebook for “serving as a matchmaker for terrorists.”  We wonder:

Is suing Facebook good for the Jews?

Is this a free speech issue? Is Facebook a public utility or a private club? Where do you draw the line? Why doesn’t Rosen want to talk about the U.N.? Didn’t we just have to listen to his latest tale of anti-conflict conflict? He owes us!


Can you really blame this guy?