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Episode #204: How do you solve a problem like Ilhan?

The boys return after a break to talk about guitar nerds and the burden of Rosen’s bottomless body of knowledge, before diving deeply into questions of the Manly Arts and the proper response to a guy harassing his girlfriend at the airport. After Goldbrener reveals his failsafe approach to not getting beat up, they move onto the week’s main event, asking:

Does Ilhan Omar know she’s an anti-semite?

Unfortunately, they never arrive at an answer, instead sidetracking to debate the appropriate response to her unrepentant anti-semitism. Is this something Jew should hammer away at, or should we say our piece and let the at-best Jew-disliking elected member of the U.S Congress go on her merry way?

1966 Rickenbacker 330/12: Rosen’s dream guitar (that he cannot tune).