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Episode #98: “Holocaust humor, cream soda, no Chabon.”

Cream soda is good for the Jews. This much is inarguable, even for Goldbrener, and it launches the boys into Episode #98, which includes intense discussion of “Sabbath Mode” and why Rosen’s sister has a small refrigerator in her new bathroom. Also touched on: guitar players and drummers, what happens when a town in Spain changes it’s anti-Semitic name, whether wacky former London Mayor Ken Livingstone thinks Hitler was a Zionist and finally, this week’s main course:

is the Holocaust documentary “The Last Laugh” good for the Jews?

Is it true, as Steve Allen once said, that “tragedy plus time equals comedy?” Documentary filmmaker Ferne Perlstein thinks so, and she interviewed some heavyweight Jewish comedians (Mel Brooks! Sarah Silverman!) to make her point. Despite Rosen’s argument that “This is what we do! We laugh in the face of tragedy!” Goldbrener remains unmoved. Listen here to find out why.


 The light is off, and everybody’s home.