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Episode #44: “Send someone important. Just for kicks.”

Our man at AIPAC, Sam Lauter is summoned to the Twilight Lounge

To talk Rosen down off the ledge after a rant so completely off the rails that it doomed the original Episode #44 to oblivion. Fresh from a trip to Washington (and a meeting with Nancy Pelosi), Sam breaks down recent events that have caused tension among the U.S., Israel, Iran, Democrats, Republicans and basically everyone with access to social media, while simultaneously offering a compassionate shoulder to cry on for 49ers fans worldwide.

The Twlilight Lounge is barely large enough to contain the lanky frame of our tallest-ever guest.


Episode #42: “Giving up can actually be good.”

It’s Eric’s worst nightmare: a pseudo-minyan of Catholic school-affiliated Jews in the Twilight Lounge!

That’s the story as authors Lee Kravetz and David Feldman join the boys to discuss their best-seller, “Supersurvivors,” which tells the stories of trauma survivors who’ve not just “survived,” but instead have gone on to attain heights they’d never thought possible …kind of like a certain ethnic/religious group we know quite well…

Feldman and Kravetz bring their message of “grounded hope” to the Twilight Lounge.

Super Survivors

Episode #39: “Yeah, we’re gonna get our hands dirty.”

In this week’s guest, has Goldbrener met his match?

Indie rock icon/writer/podcaster/raconteur/third
Sexiest man in Seattle, Washington, John Roderick

Matches wits with the original Jewish warrior as Rosen, his former co-worker at a stock brokerage in 1993, tries in vain to steer the conversation away from Africa and toward rock and roll. Instead of discussing Roderick’s band The Long Winters or his podcast Roderick on the Line, the boys wade into a free floating reality where everyone but Rosen adopts the persona of a renegade university professor.

Is that Good for the Jews? Find out!

The Ramones

Jeffrey Hyman is good for the Jews. So is this week’s guest.