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Episod4 #208: Wall-to-wall Jews

Rosen has returned from a triumphant trip to Idaho, where fell prey to late-night pizza and a semi-mea culpa for David Cross. From there, the boys turn their attention to Jewish news, a re-branding for Jexodus and a vision of Bernie Sanders operating his own Einstein’s Bagels franchise. Rosen wants “solidarity” from atoning Nazis; Goldbrener wants a billboard; Sam wants everyone to stop panicking about candidates attending AIPAC in 2019.

Finally, Rosen tries to steer the conversation toward Gaza only to encounter a Goldbrener bored with the whole thing. He’d rather ask:

Is the”new” status of the Golan Heights good for the Jews?

Rosen knows nothing about the Golan Heights. Fortunately, Goldbrener knows plenty, so he schools him on this important strategic region, sprinkling in some Druze facts and a demographic lesson along the way.