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Episode #168: Aayyyy!

Goldbrener is beardless, but the cool air of the Twilight Lounge is not enough to quell Rosen’s outrage at mid-winter heat. Will he crack under the sweltering pressure? Will anyone take his free Pottery Barn cubes?

Meanwhile, Superbowl LII had no Jewish players but two Jewish owners, Sarah Silverman is on the market, the boys can’t agree on what “anti-Israel” means and Poland has outlawed blaming itself for the Holocaust, and…

Is The Fonz good for the Jews?

It doesn’t take a time machine to show what The Fonz meant to little Jewish boys in the 1970s and The King of Real Estate’s Fonzie meetup proves that Winkler remains one of the nicest men in Hollywood. Of course The Fonz is good for the Jews!

Free at last, free at last.