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Episode #182: Jewish panic loop, screwy Louie

You want bellyaching? This week, Rosen is literally bellyaching, thanks to a mysterious stomach ailment. Fortunately, he’s well enough to share his renewed love for the Steve Miller Band and to keep you up-to-date on the latest Screwy Louie shenanigans, which inspire a long discussion about intersectionality and the dangers of aligning oneself with a Jew-hating demagogue. Meanwhile, Jews continue to chase their own tails, leading Rosen to question:

Is Jewish fretting over the future of Judaism good for the Jews?

“How long have you been Jewish?” asks a perplexed Goldbrener in response, before laying out all the reasons Jews can’t stop wondering about the future of Jews, how to be Jewish, and why Michael Chabon looks like a rabbi but doesn’t seem crazy about being a Jew.

No joke(r).


Episode #171: England’s dreaming, Dad jeans

Don’t let this week’s cheery opening fool you: these are difficult times for The Jews.  We got almost completely shut out of the Oscars, Zionists are being run out of Hollywood and Yeshiva U. got bounced in the first round of the D3 Big Dance. The good news is that Rosen avoided buying Dad Jeans and Jews are in space, but from the U.K. comes more bad news:

…is an English sports commission equating the Star of David with a swastika good for the Jews?

Casual anti-semitism is so common in England that it’s not even considered anti-semitism anymore, and of course this isn’t good for the Jews. Stick around, though, as the boys drag Screwy Louie Farrakhan into the mix and Goldbrener suggests that despite the stylish Patagonia jacket, the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

If they’re baggy, you’re in trouble.