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Episode #171: England’s dreaming, Dad jeans

Don’t let this week’s cheery opening fool you: these are difficult times for The Jews.  We got almost completely shut out of the Oscars, Zionists are being run out of Hollywood and Yeshiva U. got bounced in the first round of the D3 Big Dance. The good news is that Rosen avoided buying Dad Jeans and Jews are in space, but from the U.K. comes more bad news:

…is an English sports commission equating the Star of David with a swastika good for the Jews?

Casual anti-semitism is so common in England that it’s not even considered anti-semitism anymore, and of course this isn’t good for the Jews. Stick around, though, as the boys drag Screwy Louie Farrakhan into the mix and Goldbrener suggests that despite the stylish Patagonia jacket, the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

If they’re baggy, you’re in trouble.


Episode #144: Welcome, U.K. followers!

Rosen and Goldbrener convene a day late to welcome a flood of new followers in the U.K., then dive into a typically spirited show featuring mea culpas, mostly factual instructions on how to properly dispose of an American flag, torah hijinks, Omri Casspi, Goldbrener’s Uber driver, England’s problems with anti-semitism and Jared Kushner’s uneventful trip to Israel before alighting on this week’s question:

Are liberal values Jewish values?

This is a jumping off point from which the boys go deep into Goldbrener’s take on homelessness, welfare, drug addiction, mental illness and other societal ills and the role of government and individuals/religious organizations in a before coming back to wonder if calling Jewish values “liberal” is manipulative or talmudically (sp?) correct.


Welcome to the best team in sports, Omri Casspi.