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Episode #173: McMafia, Cuomo and the Rothschilds

Lightness is the rule this week as Rosen and Goldbrener tackle the pressing issues of the day, including what to do when your batteries die during an interview with the coolest guy in the world. Also covered: how Jews control the weather, why Andrew Cuomo thinks Jews can’t dance and whether changing the name of a street is worth the money.

One thing the boys can agree on: no meeting of the American Society for Suppressing Jews would be complete without asking the following question:

…is the TV show McMafia good for the Jews?

This slick AMC show has been criticized for “gratuitous slurs against Jewish businessmen,” but the boys are just glad there’s a show that features Jews as tough guys. Is that proof that Jews have “arrived” in popular culture or just another example of anti-Semitism?

Weather controller.