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Episode #207: JEXODUS!

This week, Rosen and Goldbrener tackle the college admissions scandal and Bay Area media’s gleeful coverage of involved local families and somehow end up blaming Napster for the rise of youthful socialists in the U.S. Having established this, they move onto things Goldbrener finds either distasteful or unimpressive: Exxon, the Black Hat Guys, Rosen’s claim that his mother’s family is Ukrainian and Jexodus. As a matter of fact:

Is Jexodus good for the Jews?

Given the events of the past few weeks, Rosen can’t blame Jews who are considering leaving  and increasingly “Corbynistic” Democratic Party. Even so, there’s got to be a better option than being led into the arms of Donald Trump and despite Goldbrener’s impassioned defense of disaffected American youth, Rosen’s not convinced they’re the answer either.

Pictured: Rosen’s homeland


Episode #188: Who is a Jew? It’s nice to share.

The boys are pleased as punch to return to the Twilight Lounge after a three-week (!) absence, but they are not eager to share their dinners. Listen in as Rosen skirts the boundaries of civilized discourse as they discuss his “special eating needs,” then stick around to hear tales of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s son, Jeremy’s Corbyn’s coded language and whether Scarlett Johansson is “actually” Jewish. And speaking of maybe-Jews, this week we ask:

Does it really matter if Julia Salazar is “really a Jew?”

New York’s latest Democratic Socialist du jour has a problem: nobody believes her when she says she’s a “Jewish immigrant,” partly because her history suggests otherwise. Is it ok for this former Christian activist with a half-Jewish father to “re-claim” her Jewish identity? Do we need all the Jews we can get, even the ones who favor BDS and may or may not have complete their conversion process? About the only thing guaranteed on this one is that Goldbrener will get the last word. 

Get your own.


Episode #141: “Wonder Woman, Swiss Cops, Corbyn.”

After a month-long hiatus, the Twilight Lounge is once again open for business. Episode #141 finds the boys ruminating on Rosen’s run-ins with angry Swiss policemen and The Most Interesting Overweight Man in France, then pivoting onto more serious topics like Jeremy Corbyn and the world’s exhaustion with the Jewish experience. Finally, after touching on the “new” read of the Six Day War, they move into the main event, asking:

 Is Wonder Woman good for the Jews?

There is no way the likes of Linda Sarsour and the BDS crowd can dim the shining allure of Gal Gadot, IDF veteran, Miss Israel 2007 and a true sensation as DC Comics’ newest star. No matter how many boycotts and thought pieces asking whether she’s a “true feminist,” the only thing that makes the boys question their Gadot enthusiasm is  the looming specter of the “real” Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter.


No caption needed.