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Episode #95: “Bagels and BDS.”

Things get fiery in the Twilight Lounge this week when Rosen lobs what he thinks is a softball at Goldbrener only to receive in response the debate equivalent of a blistering line drive through the box. Chastened and caught unprepared by Godbrener’s increasingly nuanced view of the Middle East, Rosen retreats into more comfortable terrain, asking:

are bagels good for the Jews?

It seems like a slam dunk, but should an item brimming with carbohydrates and not much else really be the trademark food of a people? Also discussed: the shelf life of being hip and current, the proper jeans for middle age, the origins and character of “Jewish food” and kosher Thin Mints.


Delicious! And now: kosher.

Episode #86: “Iowa, cooking, Hamas and other sub-stories.”

Welcome back to the Twilight Lounge, where Rosen has cooked dinner but will not be invited to the post-event reception. We have a lot on our minds today: Canada, rodeo clowns, Middle Eastern geography, Al-Qassam… but mostly, we are wondering, after the Iowa caucus, whether

a Jew finally winning delegates  is good for the Jews?

That’s right; a Jew had never won a single delegate until Bernie Sanders snagged 21 of them in Iowa, a state with only 6,170 Jews. Does this mean the door is open for Jewish presidential candidates? Or will Sanders’ status as a real contender bring out the anti-Semites, reminding us that being a Jew isn’t always a political asset?


Bernie had the last laugh in Iowa.

Episode #68: “I just don’t want a grouchy president.”

It’s Buster Poindexter-level sweltering everywhere but in the Twilight Lounge, which becomes a refuge from, as Rosen lays out:

  • Suffocating heat
  • Bugs flying in circles
  • Dogs losing their minds
  • Intricate fan placement

In response, Goldbrener delivers a quick lesson in meteorology before joining his partner in an in-depth discussion of Jewish presidential candidate (and potential Mad Scientist halloween costume-wearer) Bernie Sanders. Despite digressions about Kim Davis, Hillary Clinton, Libertarianism and weird suggestions that Barack Obama was ever accused of being Jewish, the central question remains:

Is Bernie Sanders Good for the Jews?


This is not Bernie Sanders. Honest mistake.