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Episode #225: Rags to riches

Don’t let Rosen’s migraine-induced miasma prevent you from enjoying this raucous episode of your favorite Jewish podcast. Instead, step into the Twilight Lounge to hear about Hamas’ never-ending threats, little kids dressed as Hitler, Goldbrener’s uniquely punk rock take on the shock value of the swastika and Rosen’s unsettling question about the anti-semites’ end game.

On to this week’s question:

Is Barney Pressman good for the Jews?

The founder of Barney’s is a cliche and an undeniable truth all in one. Are the lessons we learned from the rise and fall of his eponymous clothing business and the corresponding discussion about the “rags to riches”  story evidence of a valid American dream? And are Jews invited?

Saloons, yes; synagogues, no.

Episode #180: Rosen goes solo!

Only got half the time and only need half the hosts this week? We have just what you need. Faced with the prospect of a missed episode thanks to Goldbrener’s prior commitments, Rosen steps up and gives you a half-hour of solo (Is it) Good for the Jews? performance, skipping all the small talk and telling a single story, namely:

Is boycotting the Green Street Market good for the Jews?

Why would we boycott the Green Street Market? Is it because the guy who works there is spindly, tattooed, grouchy, unhinged and has a long history of shouting racist stuff at his customers? Perhaps! Tune into this unprecedented mini-episode to learn more!

Enter at your own risk.