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Episode #217: Double standards, Neil Diamond, semi-semites

Welcome to the Twilight Lounge, where the dry rot has been removed and Rosen’s house siding down the hill. This is our last episode until September, so sit back, relax and spend an hour with The Jews (TM), who have plenty to say about dermatologists who’ve been to Berlin, semi-semites and the new Neil Diamond musical. They urge you to steer clear of World Israel News (if you’re susceptible to conspiracy theories and bad news) and Ross Farca (if you dislike Jew-haters who look like extras from Dazed and Confused (and build their own automatic weapons).

Wrapping it up before hiatus, Rosen asks a deep question:

Are double standards actually good for the Jews?

We’re not sure what Rosen’s working with here, but Goldbrener isn’t buying it, at least not on the surface. But does subtext suggest that Jews actually do benefit from “holding themselves to a higher standard?” and is the rest of the world okay with that? Or does the “rest of the world” have its own issues with morality and ethics and double standards?

Unlike that other guy, we like Jews.


Episode #203: MVP! MVP!

Spirits are running high this week as the boys celebrate Julian Edelman’s Super Bowl MVP before sliding into Rosen’s conundrum from his weekend at the Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica. Should Jewish consumers patronize businesses with a (admittedly limited) history of anti-semitic incidents? Later in the episode, after it is revealed that Goldbrener owns three (3) tuxedos and that Sam thinks both hosts suck, questions of censorship arise as the Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan squelches a “warts and all” Henry Ford article in a historic journal. Also, there are Hamas and PFLP operatives in high-ranking positions at BDS GMOs. Surprised? Nah.

Nevertheless, it all boils down to this:

Is Edelman’s Super Bowl MVP good for the Jews?

What do you think?

Most Valuable Jew.


Episode #200: Jew-hating, woke-washing, LeBron’s Jewish money

As we ease into the new year, technology hates Rosen — but that’s nothing new. Jenna Jameson, passionate Jew, has left Twitter due to all of the anti-semitism, Omri Casspi is picking fights with his teammates. LeBron James is interested in getting that Jewish money, and Goldbrener isn’t entirely convinced he should apologize.  Or that the NFL isn’t a non-profit. And should a Jew-hating osteopath continue remain a doctor?

Meanwhile, in tolerant San Francisco, Manny Yuketiel is asking…

Is a Jew opening a progressive cafe/events space in The Mission good for the Jews?”

Apparently not, as the owner of Manny’s in San Francisco’s Mission District has learned. Despite making every effort to fit into the ethos of today’s hyper-vigilant Mission, Yuketiel nevertheless finds his business targeted weekly by sign-toting, window-smashing, slogan-chanting, Kristallnacht-method-adopting thugs.

Manny’s crime? Guess.

Don’t trust it.