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Episode #193: Far-right Jews, CBGB, unwanted hair

This week, Rosen gives Goldbrener a lesson in personal grooming that includes mentions of Joseph Heller, healthy knee fluid, Jane’s Addiction, Goldbrener facing discrimination at the mall and well-lit magnifying mirrors. Listeners that can stomach this entertaining yet slightly unsettling discussion  will be rewarded with the dark truths about the present state of CBGBs, which,  naturally, inspires a question:

“Is turning iconic punk rock nightclubs into high-end retail outlets good for the Jews?”

Of course not. And there is much more to discuss this week, like the present-day antics of a former Goldbrener adversary and a bizarre trend in Germany: Jews aligning themselves the country’s far-right political party. 

Fact: Perry Farrell has one of these in his house.