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Episode #161: Bernie Bernstein is not good for the Jews.

Enter, if you dare, into a Twilight Lounge where Rosen is laid low by a possibly contagious respiratory illness and crazy people are masquerading as racists on BART. In-between coughs and Ann Murray references, the boys manage to share the good news about Jews in baseball, including Joc Pederson’s Jewish San Francisco connection. A quick look at Hollywood pedophiles leads to the appearance of noted Jewish journalist Bernie Bernstein, and…

Bernie Bernstein is not good for the Jews.

Nor is he good for the Twilight Lounge, as Goldbrener’s  extrapolation turns into a deep dive into the purposes and corruptions of the country’s two major political parties, rather than an examination of something that is or isn’t good for the Jews, ending with Rosen’s ham-fisted attempt at explaining the purpose, use and misuse of “persuasion.”

Gabe Kapler: well-muscled Jew.