Episode #187: Nation-states, whiny Jews, 3-percenters

Semitic crisis hits the Twilight Lounge this week after Rosen reveals that his wife finds Woody Allen movies “whiny and unwatchable,” causing her husband to wonder if she’s aware who she married. Fortunately, the boys bounce back, turning their attention to 3-percenter Paul Ryan and Jew-hating English politicians before Rosen pushes all the furniture to the walls, giving Goldbrener all the room he needs to answer:

Is Israel’s “nation-state law” good for the Jews?

The answer, which comes as almost an afterthought following 30 minutes of close analysis of present-day Israeli politics and the risks inherent in the nation’s recent choices, may surprise you.

If this looks familiar, you are old.


Episode #186: Of mice, Sascha, Mark and Birthright

This week, the boys reconvene in the Twilight Lounge to discuss Rosen’s adventures with mice, Goldbrener’s complete mastery over gophers and a panoply of Jewish issues and news. Should Facebook permit allow the ravings of Holocaust deniers? What would Steve Jobs do? If a Jew-hater gets 25 percent of the primary vote in Contra Costa County, should we be worried?

Is Sascha Baron Cohen good for the Jews?

Though this seems like this question could take hours to answer, it doesn’t, which affords us the mixed blessing of enough time to disagree over the recent phenomenon of Birthright kids who ditch the program in the most a theatrical manner possible. Buckle up!

Friendly? No.


Episode #185: Draymond good, Waters, Luther, bad.

Would you feel comfortable driving your neighbor’s car? Rosen does not, which is only one of a litany of gripes, fears and anxieties he brings into the Twilight Lounge this week. Fortunately, Goldbrener is waiting with some real-life advice and tales of eating salami and bread until he runs out of one ingredient.

Meanwhile, in Jewish news, pre-Industrial Age relic Roger Waters is at it again, and a recent letter unearthed from religious icon Martin Luther confirms that he didn’t like Jews. But wait, say historian apologists: you can’t hold him to 21st-century standards! But why is it always Jews? Why was Rosen ineligible for dating Campus Crusade girls? What does 16th-century anti-semitism have in common (and not in common) with 21st-century anti–semitism? Can Jews truly assimilate? Should they?

Lets shift gears to something we can all agree on:

Is Draymond Green good for the Jews?

Oh yeah.

Not your car!