Episode #216: “Concentration” camps, Vegans

It is into an under construction Twilight Lounge that the boys descend this week, willfully ignoring the chaos that surrounds them (for the most part, until the smoke detector goes off). After a two-week layoff, Goldbrener has returned from his Sequoia Park poker outing to muse on potential guest hosts during Rosen’s upcoming summer-long European trip. Spoiler alert: there will be no guest hosts.

Rosen then explains why nobody in college likes the sober guy with the guitar before segueing into Jewish news, including: problem with Jewish foreskin inspectors, Impossible Burgers(TM) and AOC’s latest headline-stealing stunt. From here things, as they do, get serious, as the boys try to solve the border crisis before backpedaling and asking:

Are Vegan delis good for the Jews?

Honestly, what’s the big deal? Bring it on.

Would you trust a tiny smoke detector?


Episode #215: Black-Jewish caucus, buying cowboy boots

Sit back, pour yourself a ManMosa and return to the comforting Twilight Lounge for the latest sparring session between your favorite urban Jews, Rosen and Goldbrener. This week, the boys recount Rosen’s Texan boot-buying expedition (and Goldbrener’s run-in with a youthful anti-tech enthusiast) before once again returning to the concept of faith — this time as it applies to religions that are “foisted on you” versus ones that you must pursue. From there they jump to Ashkenazi Jews’ inherited cholesterol, Adam Sandler’s bat mitzvah entertainment and old Jews telling jokes.

Meanwhile, in the news, a government committee begs the following question:

Is the Congressional black-Jewish caucus good for the Jews?

Well… it’s not exactly the ideal, but isn’t any positive step a good step?

Better than Boot Barn.


Episode #214: You’ve gotta have faith

Early morning in the Twilight Lounge means snubbing the guys at the gym (except Ron but especially the Millennials), donning New Wave glasses and diving into intense debates about faith without the benefit of segue. If this is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

This week, Rosen and Goldbrener wade into the risks (?) of revealing to the woke world that you are more than pro-Israel; that you are, in fact a Zionist. Goldbrener preaches, Rosen listens. Then they move onto the plight of Rivka and David, whose identity as Orthodox Jews comes with a twist, which launches them into a heightened back-and-forth that does not lead to resolution.  We leave you this week asking not if something is good for the Jews, but instead ask:

Can science explain a religious experience?

We’ll just let you mull that one over for a second.

Goldbrener would challenge this guy.

Rosen would not.