Episode #85: “Glenn Frey, anti-semitism, Han Solo.”

Things are hopping in the Twilight Lounge this week. First, the boys pay tribute to the latest rock and roll casualty, easy-listening icon Glenn Frey; next, they dive into a few small news items, leading to questions of intention and intelligence. All of this is merely an appetizer, however, leading to this week’s main course, during which we ask the question:

Is Han Solo good for the Jews?

Included in this in-depth conversation: a neo-Nazi website’s nickname for J.J. Abrams, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher’s Jewish roots, whether Rocky Balboa is one of the most iconic characters in American cinema, Methodists, Beverly D’Angelo vs. Christie Brinkley, Eric’s kickboxing cousin Brian Schwartz and the utter lack of modern-day swashbuckling Jews .


Han Solo: good for the Jews?

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