Episode #223: Ayatollah redux, FaceTiming strangers

Brace yourselves, real San Franciscans: it’s 85 degrees in October and Rosen is on the warpath (again), chewing gum and reusing his non-reusable plastic bottle only hours after surviving an embarrassing morning FaceTime incident.

But stick around, because this is a lively episode of (Is it) Good for the Jews? that touches on the World Series, Father Guido Sarducci, Impossible burgers, anti-semitism (of course) and the boys’ differing understandings thereof and free speech for terrorists on Twitter, before finally asking:

If the Mossad had assassinated the Ayatollah in 1979, would it have been  good for the Jews?

A soon-to-be-published book by former Mossad Agent Yossi Alpher claims that Iran’s PM gave the Israeli intelligence agency the go-ahead to take out the Ayatollah. Would the resulting butterfly effect have benefitted the Jews? The answer to this is far murkier than one might think.

Use once or 40 times?

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