Episode #220: Burn, baby, burn

This week, Rosen sets up the scene in the Twilight Lounge before moving onto tales of woe from South San Francisco’s best (and slowest-moving) legendary sandwich place, where dogs are allowed as long as they’re not at counter level. Several minutes later, having debated the merits of lactose-free sour cream and noted the miracle of palindrome week, the boys move onto questions of Jewish masculinity and Enes Kanter’s basketball camps, saved torahs and Sasha Baron Cohen.

Around the world, Jews are still getting beat up and Goldbrener has some thoughts, but Rosen wants to know this:

Are fights at Burning Man good for the Jews?

Lets face it; Rosen is triggered by Burning Man.  Just bringing up the term sends him spinning off on an extended rant about strict dogma masqueraded as open-mindedness, all but bullying a resistant Goldbrener into joining him on the side of all that is good and fair and then admitting his biggest fear: that living in a big city is costing him his humanity.

Tortilla chips will be discussed.

About Larry Rosen

Was born Jewish, raised Jewish and educated Catholic. He is a “Jewsuit”. He is also a husband, father, newspaper and magazine writer, habitual wearer of baseball caps and author of the soon-to-be-released memoir about his son’s bar mitzvah, “The Rabbi Has Left the Building.”