Episode #210: “She’s trayfing up a Jewish profession!”

Rosen and Goldbrener’s hidden agenda proves successful this week: they do NOT talk about the recent Israeli elections! Instead, listeners are treated to a sordid tale of almost-bar fights, fake tough guys and the Bee Gees, followed by a smorgasbord of Jewish news (Bezos, Airbnb, Beresheet, and a long debate pitting “haggadah originalists” against the “progressive haggadah” bloc, an examination of the plight of black hat anti-vaxxers, Jenny McCarthy and Goldbrener’s Conundrum…and…

Is Kim Kardashian, Attorney-at-law, good for the Jews?

No surprises here. Of course not. You’re going to have to look somewhere else to find any suggestion that anything any Kardashian does would be good for the Jews. Okay, maybe one thing.

Also: Hey, Walid Nahdi! You smell.

Old school.


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