Episode #189: 23 and Me, bad Jews, bad architects

In this, the second of two “lost episodes,” Rosen comes in hot, enraged at an incompetent architect and his wife’s inability to share his desire for vengeance. Goldbrener responds with his own story of remodeling woe, dragging the Crown Prince of Plate Glass in for good measure.

Meanwhile, Julia Salazar had another bad week, and Burning Man now features shabbat “services.” Bad rabbis are forced to pay restitution and Europe still thinks anti-semitism only comes from “the extreme right.” And speaking of Jewish identity, we ask, in a follow-up to last week’s questions about Jewish identity:

Is 23 and Me good for the Jews?”

No, no, no! And in so many ways.  

Don’t mess with us.


About Larry Rosen

Was born Jewish, raised Jewish and educated Catholic. He is a “Jewsuit”. He is also a husband, father, newspaper and magazine writer, habitual wearer of baseball caps and author of the soon-to-be-released memoir about his son’s bar mitzvah, “The Rabbi Has Left the Building.”