Episode #185: Draymond good, Waters, Luther, bad.

Would you feel comfortable driving your neighbor’s car? Rosen does not, which is only one of a litany of gripes, fears and anxieties he brings into the Twilight Lounge this week. Fortunately, Goldbrener is waiting with some real-life advice and tales of eating salami and bread until he runs out of one ingredient.

Meanwhile, in Jewish news, pre-Industrial Age relic Roger Waters is at it again, and a recent letter unearthed from religious icon Martin Luther confirms that he didn’t like Jews. But wait, say historian apologists: you can’t hold him to 21st-century standards! But why is it always Jews? Why was Rosen ineligible for dating Campus Crusade girls? What does 16th-century anti-semitism have in common (and not in common) with 21st-century anti–semitism? Can Jews truly assimilate? Should they?

Lets shift gears to something we can all agree on:

Is Draymond Green good for the Jews?

Oh yeah.

Not your car!


About Larry Rosen

Was born Jewish, raised Jewish and educated Catholic. He is a “Jewsuit”. He is also a husband, father, newspaper and magazine writer, habitual wearer of baseball caps and author of the soon-to-be-released memoir about his son’s bar mitzvah, “The Rabbi Has Left the Building.”