Episode #174: Portman, Judas, Starbucks.

Join Rosen and Goldrener this week as they break down Omri Casspi’s release, Gabe Kapler’s weirdness, Josh Rosen’s unfair slings and arrows, whether we’re getting the whole story on Starbucks, Tamika Mallory’s latest head-shaking anti-semitism and the likelihood that Judas is the only member of the Last Supper party with dark, curly hair, before addressing the most pressing question of the week:

…is Natalie Portman’s boycott good for the Jews?

Long the darling of the Chosen People, Portman raised eyebrows by stiffing the Genesis Award ceremony in Jerusalem, creating chaos among both the pro- and anti-Israel crowds. Here at (Is it) Good for the Jews?, we consider Natalie Portman to be the Jewish Audrey Hepburn, so we’re apt to hear her out before burning our copies of “Garden State” and “Black Swan.”

Bug eater?


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