Episode #150: White supremacists in town, eclipses.

Road warrior Rosen is back in the TwIlight Lounge with an uplifting eclipse story and tales of meeting a former IDF soldier in Oregon. Meanwhile, Billy Joel is living the Jewish dream and a report of threatening emails sent to Brandeis University leads to speculation that Goldbrener is a guy who’d know how to get onto the Dark Web. But we don’t want to seem glib. This week, it seems, nothing is good for the Jews.

Instead, we ask:

What is the proper response when Nazis march into your town?

Are latter-day Nazis the ultimate trolls? Why else would they come to San Francisco in 2017? And when they march into town, should we confront them? Sabotage their buses, leaving them stranded in Reno? Gather peacefully at City Hall? Hold a dance? Raise $100,000 and turn the whole thing into a satirical “walk-a-thon?” Usually, we bring you answers. This week, only questions.


Eclipse: as advertised, per Rosen.

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Was born Jewish, raised Jewish and educated Catholic. He is a “Jewsuit”. He is also a husband, father, newspaper and magazine writer, habitual wearer of baseball caps and author of the soon-to-be-released memoir about his son’s bar mitzvah, “The Rabbi Has Left the Building.”