Episode #146: Radiohead redux; Hollywood Jews

This week in the Twilight Lounge: is there such a thing as homeless Jews, or are they just play-acting? What does Eric’s bow tie-wearing friend really know about the Iranian revolution? Does everyone in Montana carry a firearm? Is alt-right gadfly Andrew Anglin a coward? And…

Is Radiohead good for the Jews?

Of course they are. And of course Rosen would prefer if they answered their critics by saying, “Look; Israel is a good place.” Goldrener explains why they cannot and also why, he thinks, pompous, would-be-statesman-actual-60s-burnout Roger Waters thinks it’s perfectly fine to compare Israel to Nazis and to lazily call the country the “worst regime in the world” while eye-rollingly ignoring, well, the rest of the world.

In conclusion: Guns and Roses is cooler than Pink Floyd.


Are all Montanans armed?

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