Episode #111: “Disney’s intent; trouble on campus.”

This week, we invite you to slip past the gargoyles and enter the protected safety of the Twilight Lounge, where talk of Hulk Hogan and Walt Disney’s original intent quickly gives way to more serious discussions of nostalgia vs, the reality of the past and matters relevant to the world of Jews and Jews Who Care About Israel. Goldbrener’s Twitter feed posts are our jumping-off point for questions about the latest dust-ups in Gaza, sorting out the role of Turkey in a re-made Middle East and the accuracy of Rosen’s childhood understanding of Arab countries and Anwar Sadat. After a deep dive into the circumstances that led to a pair of Palestinian doctors losing their jobs, the boys arrive at the question of the day:

Is there any way to “educate” on-campus anti-semites?

There’s no way to even pretend that BDS movements and Jew-excluding “intersectionality” movements are good for the Jews, so this week, on the strength of Rosen’s application of the Sean Penn Theory, we look for alternatives to the time-honored Jewish “lets educate them” paradigm. Spoiler: there aren’t any.

Mr Walt Disney sits at his drawing board in his studio, drawing a sketch of Mickey Mouse

“Star Wars Tomorrowland? I think not.”

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